Quantity:– Anavar 2 bottles x 100 x
10mg tabs
– Primobolan 100mg x 4 x 10ml
– Testo Caps 40mg x 650 caps = 26,000mg
– HCG Pregnyl 3 x 5000 IU
– Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) 100 x 20mg tabs
Chemical Contents:


This is a relatively safe cycle, another question I get asked more than I care to be asked, since with steroids its always either gains or reducing the risk, but you can’t have both. This cycle uses two orals that are relatively safe, both the anavar and the primo are not particularly suppressive of natural testosterone and with the andriol being fairly controllable, especially in these doses, side-effects should remain to a minimum. If we drop the andriol and use the low end of doses for the primo and anavar, this may be a good potential cycle for a top-level female athlete (for the record, I don’t believe in women having to use anabolics). Don’t expect any major mass gains from a cycle like this, in fact even at the high doses a male shouldn’t expect any nominal increase in mass from this, it may not even be a very successful cutting cycle. All it really is, is safe.

The post-cycle therapy here clearly demonstrates the alternate use of HCG, where it is started at the end of the cycle and continued some time to allow the functioning of the HPTA to resume and increase testicles size slightly again. 1.5 to 2 weeks after the last injection of the long acting primo (enanthate) depot, Nolvadex therapy is started. Note that HCG is always discontinued at least 2 weeks prior to finishing Nolva as it is A) suppressive or natural testosterone itself and B) produces estrogen in the testicles through aromatization. HCG and Nolva are two things that are must have in post-cycle therapy, but they should be used properly.


Dosage schedules for Stack Packs

OxandrolonePrimo DepotAndriolH.C.G.
Week 1400mg
Week 2400mg12 caps/day
Week 3400mg12caps/day
Week 4400mg12 caps/day
Week 540mg/day400mg12 caps/day
Week 640mg/day400mg12 caps/day
Week 740mg/day400mg12 caps/day
Week 840mg/day400mg12 caps/day
Week 940mg/day12 caps/day
Week 103,500 i.u.
Week 113,500 i.u.
Week 123,000 i.u.
Clomiphene Citrate/Tamoxifen is used concurrently with HCG, and for three weeks