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Active Substance Methandeinone

Packs 100 tabs (10mg/tab)

METHAGEN is the most demanded and the most used oral anabolic all over the world. It was designed to have anabolic rating of 210.

METHAGEN elevates your natural testosterone, a hormone responsible for muscle growth, strength and sex drive.

It increases protein synthesis and enhances nitrogen retention. Therefore, your body absorbs all protein intake to boost muscle mass. In terms of carbohydrates consuming, METHAGEN makes it more efficient as it curbs their conversion in the body.

METHAGEN belongs to C17-aa type of anabolics, which have methandrostenolone as their active agent.

Benefits of METHAGEN

Previously we mentioned that it boosts protein synthesis and increases nitrogen retention. Consequently, body takes more advantage of planned healthy nutrition and your recovery from a workout is faster.

Besides, METHAGEN stimulates glycogenosis, which reinforces your strength and activity.

METHAGEN maintains lean muscle tissue, preventing it from harm after intense workouts.

It builds up metabolic activity and intensifies fat loss.

In addition, it provides some mental asset, such as self-confidence and sex drive due to increased testosterone levels.

Notable effects can be observed soon within 2 weeks, frequently visable results are reported within 1,5 weeks.


Schedule for METHAGEN is slightly contrasting to other C17-aas, by reason of taking it 2-3 times per day respecting regular intervals. 10 mg tablet is convenient to merge it according to your purposes.

If you have a go on Dianabol, the recommended dosage would be 20-30 mg per day for about 5 weeks. It`s equal to one pill before meals.

Single METHAGEN after-cycle effect

Unfortunately, single METHAGEN intake does not presuppose permanently distinguished result, as it tend to cause side effects like water retention, post-cycle results might not be as impressive as during cycle. All water will go off, and you will look less pumped, though all muscles will remain.


It can be effectively stacked with Testosterone, Anavar, or Deca Durabolin.

METHAGEN and injectable testosterone work well together bolstering muscle grow and strength. No wonder, it is the most popular stack.

Deca Durabolin and METHAGEN stack is in demand. It is the most efficient combination in terms of bulking. Single cycle of these gives 90 kg in muscle weight.

Some sportsmen prefer Anavar to other options. However, such combination is not that simple. Both METHAGEN and Anavar affect liver severely, so PCT is a must. It is still true for Anadrol-Dianabol stack.

Side Effects

METHAGEN is no different from other steroids, so all typical side effects may appear. These include gynecomastia and aromatization, acne, undesirable hair growth or hair loss due to high testosterone, increased blood pressure and water retention.

Since METHAGEN severely affects liver, we propose to maintain post-cycle therapy (PCT).

We also recommend to keep METHAGEN cycles short, as if taken long-term it suppresses your natural testosterone.

Other possible side effects include insomnia, mood wings and headache.


METHAGEN may increase and accelerate severe effects if taken in cases of high blood pressure or cholesterol imbalance. It may significantly worsen erectile function if taken long-period or in high dosages.

Notice that pre-use consultation is essential.