Hygetropin is a highly purified preparation of human growth hormone produced using recombinant DNA technology and consisting of 191 amino acids. Our rHGH is not from an E. Coli digest but rather from a modified mammalian cell line reducing the impurities and inflammation often associated with E. Coli derived growth hormones. HGH Increases protein synthesis, Promotes fat loss, Reduces muscle breakdown, Restores damaged cartilage, tendons & joints, & Increases libido & energy.
Each vial contains:
Lyophilized rHGH10 IU Strength:
Excipientsq.s. Muscle Gain:
Each ampoule contains: Fat/Water Loss:
Water & Benzyl Alcohol0.9% v/v Side Effects:

Hygetropin 99% 1 pack, Hygetropin 99% 3 packs, Hygetropin 99% 5 packs, Hygetropin 99% 10 packs, Hygetropin 99% 20 packs