Quantity:30 x 20mg capsules
Chemical Contents:

Acnotin 20 is a powerful drug used in the treatment of acne. Four to five months
of isotretinoin treatment usually leads to clearing of acne for one year or more
after the medicine is stopped. Most other acne – controlling medicines are
antibacterial agents, which are effective only if the medicine is used daily.
Isotretinoin has significant side effects : { percentages are the ratio of
people who received the side effect }

Chapped lips 90 % , dry skin and itching 80 % – the use of daily alpha
hydroxacids will help prevent this side effect. Dryness of nose , mild nosebleed
80 % , Irritation of the eyelids and eyes 40 % – Vitamin E 400 IU each day may
lessen this side effect. Joint and muscle pains 15 % , Temporary hair thinning
10 % , Rash 7 % , Intestinal symptoms 5 % , Headache 5 % , Increased sensitivity
to sunburn 5 % , Decreased night vision < 1 % , Depression, thoughts of suicide
< 1 % Isotretinoin may increase the level of blood fats, sometimes to risky
levels. Occasionally it may affect the liver. That ‘s why regular blood tests
are necessary when you are taking isotretinoin ; these tests must be done when
you have fasted for 12 hours { no breakfast } , so that the blood fat
determintions are reliable. A baseline blood chemistry test is established
before patients start isotretinoin.

The most damaging side effect of isotretinoin is serious birth defects if taken
during pregnancy.

It is critically important for women not to take isotretinoin while pregnant,
and not to become pregnant while taking it. Women who are, or expect to be
sexually active while taking isotretinoin must use an effective method of birth
control such as a condoms for the male partner. A women who does get pregnant
while on isotretinoin must be prepared to have an abortion and must state this
in writing before many physicians will prescribe isotretinoin for her.
Isotretinoin may cause birth defects as long as two months after it is stopped.
After that time, it’s safe to become pregnant. Because the birth defects caused
by isotretinoin are so serious, it’s important not to share the pills with
others. We don’t know whether isotretinoin taken by men can cause birth defects,
so it’s best not to get a woman pregnant while taking isotretinoin . If she is
not using birth control, the man should use a condom. There are a few reports of
patients having decreased night vision after using isotretinoin.One patient
still had problems six months after the drug was stopped. If you experience
trouble with your vision while on isotretinoin call the Doctor right away.